Alternative Health Treatments

A unique approach


Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Learn powerful Energy Medicine techniques in this 1-hour class

* Helps when anxiety overtakes you so you can move forward with confidence.
* Helps to get out of overwhelming state so you can clearly see what needs to be done.
* release pent-up anger and frustration so you can clearly see what to do.
* Calms the fight, flight or freeze response so you can stay focused even when your day is tough.
* Release past emotions that may be preventing you from enjoying the present moment.

Relieve Pain with Energy Medicine

Learn powerful Energy Medicine techniques in this 1-hour class

* Relieve chronic pain so you no longer have to miss the activities you love.
* Recover from injuries faster.
* Relieves chronic headache so you don't have to spend a day in pain.

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Waterside Women

Balance your hormones naturally

Learn powerful Energy Medicine techniques in this 1-hour class

* Find relief during premenstrual syndrome and menopause.
* Get help with weight loss.
* Stop being too cold or too hot.
* Find help to stabilize your blood pressure.
* Stabilize your mood and calm your anxiety.
* Helps to have more energy.

Daily routine

Add this simple energy routine to your day and significantly improve your health. This class lasts 3 hours.

These exercises will:
* Increase your energy levels so you can do what you want to do.
* Help create healthy energy habits that can reverse health problems and make you feel better naturally.
* Help you look and feel younger without having to rely on cosmetics and medications.
* Help you sleep better so you can wake up energized for the new day.
* Encourage more joy by eliminating stress and calming anxiety.
* Strengthen your immune system so you can fight diseases.
* Think more clearly so you can process information faster and make better decisions.

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Legal warning


Energy healing releases and harmonizes people's energies to stimulate and promote health mechanisms and restore the body's natural state of well-being. It is not intended to diagnose or treat disease. Please consult your doctor for advice and medical attention.