Straight from the source

I have been fortunate to take Energy Medicine therapy with Efrat for several years now, as well as taking my son and seeing his results. I repeat, I consider it a fortune. I honestly came to the first session with a lot of skepticism (as a good engineer), and within a few weeks I managed to see the power of this energy medicine. Today I have managed to find a "magic" (I say) and alternative way of managing emotions and directing them. I have learned to breathe and control especially the stress in which we live in this CDMX. It's definitely something I'm grateful for.

Luis G.

After being diagnosed with a "difficult" Cancer and going through all the supposed possible solutions of traditional medicine with very poor results, I came to my first session with Efrat. I wasn't really expecting big changes, but it was time to try something different.
He couldn't have been more wrong. Today I am happy, convinced and grateful to have met her. His therapies and his advice allowed me to discover a path to a really good quality of life where he taught me to recognize the capacity that each person has to heal physically and emotionally. It's amazing how healthy you feel during and after each session. Her techniques are fantastic and she is an invaluable human being.
RECOMMENDED for anyone who wants to feel alive again, whatever their problem. THANK YOU EFRAT

Moises D.

With Energy Medicine I learned to listen to my body, since it speaks and never lies, to let go and leave all my anguish and worries to the universe, I found the necessary help to analyze the situations I was living and thus be able to balance the energy in my person to overcome pain, guilt, fears, attachments and other energies that vibrate low and make you sick. I also learned to raise my own energies and tune them to have the necessary light to be able to shine again.
In Efrat's office I met a healing angel of body and soul. To a loving person full of light who awakened in me the awareness necessary to heal myself.
I will always be eternally grateful.

Raquel H.

My experience with Efrat was the result of my separation from a relationship of approximately forty years, and when I started this path there was no order in my thoughts and in my heart, therefore I felt my life without direction.
With Efrat I began to understand the perfect order of the universe and how everything happens at the best time. It takes a lot of work, but it is something that we have to work on every day to occupy our fair space in the universe.
Although I know that my separation began the same day that the relationship began, I have more than five years in this new stage of integral growth, in which day by day I seek peace in my mind and spirit and consequently in my daily life.
We just have to remember that we are energy, that everything is energy and we must flow as such with love and gratitude
Heartfelt thanks, Efrat.

Silvia S.

Full of gratitude I write this message for my dear Efrat whom I found on Donna Eden's Energy Medicine page.

I've been taking sessions for 6 months and learning from her! Each session surprises me more than the last! It has exceeded all expectations and has helped me both physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Without a doubt a light in my life! His love, empathy, sense of humor and dedication have touched my heart and soul! Forever grateful to have you in my life! And excited to continue working with you. Thanks !!!

Magdalena D.

The road always has light but we cannot always see it!

This process has been a journey full of wisdom and surprises that have brought tears and laughter.

I am moving forward with firm steps relying on the tools that I have learned, combined with a lot of patience and love. You have been and have been the best guide to find my inner peace again, but above all you have helped me to heal and live from another place in my life. Full of gratitude and love I carry you in my heart.

Thank you for being the light when I didn't see it.

Alejandra D.